Your Staff Council is Off and Running!

The 2021-2022 Staff Council convened for the first time on July 7th. Did you know that you have access to our meeting minutes on the Meeting Minutes Page? It’s a great way to stay current on what your Council is doing in between staff meetings.

At our most recent meeting, we had new members step into roles within the Council.

  • Jonathan Stueve was elected as our website manager

  • Steven Rodriguez was elected to serve as our WLE Coordinator

  • Amanda Harris and Jennifer Harmell will represent a staff voice on the COVIDCollege Challenge that CUI recently opted in for

Now that we have our team set we can work on getting initiatives to President Thomas & the Leadership Council.

What we are working on:

Using the staff satisfaction survey and WLE forms received, our Staff Council will look at trends of how, you as staff, want to see our CUI workplace enhanced. From there we will present proposed initiatives to our leadership to see some of those changes implemented.

How you can participate:

If you have an idea of how to improve staff life, or even a full proposal of an initiative that you would like to see Staff Council present to Leadership Council, submit a WLE form. You can choose to remain anonymous, simply submit the form and wait for a response, or ask to be added to a future agenda and present to Staff Council for feedback and help fine-tuning your proposal. When we have initiatives ready we will present them to staff for feedback, buy-in, and help on implementation if needed.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to a Staff Council member either through one-on-one conversation or via our Staff Council email.

Ready for the road ahead,

Your Staff Council

[email protected]

Next All Staff Meeting:

  • TBD

Staff Meetings/Agendas History

5/13/21 - Faculty and Staff Meeting

  • Discussed Accreditation

3/10/21 & 3/11/21 - Faculty and Staff Meeting

  • Discussed Results of Board of Regents Meeting

3/24/2021 - Staff Meeting

  • Morale Survey

  • New website

  • Initiatives in progress

1/27/2021- Staff Meeting

  • Upcoming survey

  • Workflow overview