Current Agenda of the Council

WLE Form Review

All of the currently submitted WLE forms have been reviewed and are currently being discussed at the monthly meetings as well as by subcommittees designated to address particular overarching issues presented in the WLEs. At this time the Council has not taken any action from the WLEs but has started writing drafts and proposals for future change based on information provided in the Work-Life Enhancement Forms. 

Staff Survey

See the following page for a link to the Staff Survey form

Staff Retreat

The Staff Retreat Subcommittee is currently working to design and organize a meaningful and enjoyable Staff Retreat for August of 2023. 

All-Staff Meetings & Agendas History

5/13/21 - Faculty and Staff Meeting

3/10/21 & 3/11/21 - Faculty and Staff Meeting

3/24/2021 - Staff Meeting

1/27/2021- Staff Meeting

Next All-Staff Meetings